Privacy Policy

This article talks about the privacy policy that we adhere to in our site. We will understand exactly what personal information we collect from you, how we use it and what rules we adhere to at work so that you feel comfortable and safe on our website.

Visitor activity data collection

It is not about collecting any personal information. We do not require, do not oblige and do not offer you to leave your personal data on our website for the purpose of registration or the purpose of subscribing to a newsletter. You can add any information about yourself in order to leave comments on our website.

This is not necessary, but it helps you return to our site. With a cookie, your login details are saved. After registering on the site, you receive an email from us with the login information – login and password. You can also upload your avatar. When someone replies to your comment, you will receive an email notification.

At any time, you can delete your account on our website, enter additional information or update your data.


Such files are used to speed up access to our site when it is visited again. In addition, using these files, we can collect statistics about you that every site collects using analytics systems like Google Analytics. At the same time, only minimal information is transmitted about you – your IP address, where you came from, how much time you spent on the site, what browser you have, from which country you are from.

There are no advertising system codes installed on the site to show you ads. We adhere to the policy of refusing advertising on the site, which can cause hostility and annoyance.

You should be aware of the possibility of disabling the collection of cookie files in your browser. This way you can protect yourself from collecting information about you to create retargeting lists for advertising systems like Facebook or Google Ads. We do not use such systems on our site. If you want to make your surfing on the Internet anonymous, just turn off cookies and you can visit our site completely anonymously.