Phallosan Forte Review and Results Clinical Study

Phallosan Forte is one of the better penis extenders you can find on the market, featuring a very nice design and providing good comfort for enlarging the penis.

This penis extender is manufactured by a reputable German company that is known for producing quality and durable products.

Phallosan Forte is a device that is primarily used by men that look to enlarge the penis and solve certain men-related problems such as Peyronie’s disease, which relates to the curvature of the penis. Also, it is claimed that this device can help those men that have undergone prostate surgeries.

Phallosan Forte Quick Facts

Rank: #1
Warranty:  2 years
Benefits: vacuum and penis traction system
Customers: 600 000
First/max results: 1/6 months
Price: $339.00
Manufacturer: Swiss Sana Anstalt (Liechtenstein)
International Shipping:  Yes($25)
Official site:

Phallosan Forte Gains and Results

Manufacturers claim that with Phallosan Forte penis extender you can solve numerous problems including straightening up the curvature of your penis, improving its overall function and treating erectile dysfunction.

Regarding how Phallosan Forte works, the science behind it is elementary. Just like with other penis extenders, force is applied to the penis muscles to be stretched. Consistent stretching will lead to a more significant reproduction of skin cells, and that will eventually lead to penis enlargement.

Clinical Facts
Pulling is a simple but proven and effective method for increasing penis size, so with the help of this penis extender, you can easily achieve what you have always wanted – bigger and thicker penis.

In this review we have described its benefits, side effects and before and after results.


Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Regarding the results you can expect from using this penis extender, you should know that they are different from one man to another.

Quick note
However, it is claimed that you should enlarge your penis by a couple of inches within six months of everyday use.

The erection should also improve significantly within the first two to three months, and the girth gain should be about two inches within the first three months since starting to wear Phallosan Forte. It may seem like a long period for some men, but the good thing is that this penis extender is safe and comfortable to wear at all times.

You can wear it up to twelve hours every day without your glands being damaged or harmed in any way. You can also wear it during your sleep if that is what you prefer.


How To Use Phallosan Forte

It is advised for beginners to use the three-way valve in case they feel some discomfort when wearing the device. The level of pressure applied can be easily controlled by the so-called tension clip.

Phallosan Forte also uses a belt system which some men may think it would be uncomfortable to wear for an extended period. However, the belt system is comfortable and gentle, so you can rest assured that you will not feel any discomfort at all.

Phallosan Forte is a product that does not come with negative side effects, but it is advised you start slowly applying bigger pressure after some period of adjustment to the device. Otherwise, some mild forms of redness and swelling may appear, but that is rare.

Everything should be fine if you correctly follow the instructions that come with the package.

When it comes to the package, Phallosan Forte comes with several pieces inside:

  • There is an elastic belt
  • Three-way valve suction ball
  • Protector cap that protects your penis from swelling and irritation
  • Suction bells in different sizes
  • Sleeves for the suction bells
  • Tension clip

Final Phallosan Forte Review

In conclusion, Phallosan Forte is a quality and durable penis extender that should make your penis bigger and erections stronger with consistent use.


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