Best Penis Extenders: Complete Guide and Review [TOP-4]

Today, the issues of the small penis size and penile curvature torment every fourth man on our planet. Modern medicine offers an effective and comprehensive method for solving this problem: extending devices.

Penis extenders stimulate the growth of the penis and correct its curvature. Also, the tool is effective in eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and fully normalizing the sexual functioning of the male body. In addition to getting rid of the premature ejaculation issue, the user enjoys more powerful and longer-lasting erections, a boost to his potency and the volume of seminal fluid during ejaculation.

The operation principle of extenders lies in creating a traction force and utilizing it to enhance blood circulation in the small pelvis and the penis. The influx of blood cells stretches the vessels and cavernous tissues of the penis. This normalizes the sexual functioning of the penis, enlarges it and straightens its curvature.

Advantages of the Penis Traction Technique

The scientific name of an extender’s action is penis traction. Let’s list the main advantages of this method:

  • A safe impact on the male body. The safety and effectiveness of the majority of brand extenders have been tested as part of clinical and laboratory studies, which is evidenced by the corresponding certificates;
  • The low number of contraindications and adverse side effects;
  • Ease of use. The compact parameters of the device make it almost unnoticeable under clothing. Thus, you can wear the extender during the day, while you go to work or on a trip;
  • A universal technique that can eliminate the ED symptoms, enlarge the intimate organ and correct the congenital or acquired curvature;
  • A painless impact. While wearing the extender, the man experiences no unpleasant, painful or uncomfortable sensations. If they do occur, it means the device is attached incorrectly, or the patient has contraindications to its use.

Overview of Popular Extenders

The international medical market offers a plethora of extenders that vary in their price, configuration, and parameters. Let’s overview the most popular models that have helped millions of men in all countries of the world to overcome the common issues of intimate nature:

  • Quick Extender Pro is a compact new-generation device with a patented DSS system. It’s designed to ensure strong and an even traction force along the entire length of the penis, with a high degree of effectiveness and safety. The device comprehensively impacts the intimate issue, fully normalizing the sexual functioning of the male body.
  • X4 Labs is a practical extender model that ensures the best fixation of the penis thanks to its two holding straps. The metal rods can be adjusted by the current parameters of the penis. The extender is made of high-quality medical materials that are incapable of causing irritation and allergic reactions on the skin of the penis.
  • Male Edge is an innovative device that comes in three versions. The models differ not only in color but also in the configuration. The basic model is equipped with one holding strap; the Extra has two of them; the Professional has three. The more attaching elements you employ, the more effective the extender’s action is. Another distinctive feature of each model is the number of spare protective panels. Each kit includes a meter and detailed instructions on how to use the device correctly.
  • Penimaster Pro is a unique device that combines the parameters of an extender and a vacuum pump. It’s based on a patented formula of action that is effective and safe for men’s intimate health. This product is clinically tested and meets all the applicable quality and safety standards. It’s effective at combating the ED symptoms and stimulating the growth of the penis. The device is almost unnoticeable under clothing.
ExtenderFirst/max resultsPriceMoney-back
Quick Extender Pro14/180 days$119.93 - Value edition
$179.93 - Deluxe standard
$349.93 - Deluxe limited
180 days
X4 Labs30/180 days$74.99 - Deluxe Value
$119.99 - Premium Standard
$189.99 - Extreme Premium
$199.99 - Anniversary Comfort
$249.99 - Ultimate Luxury
$299.99 - Patriot Limited
180 days
Male Edge30/180 days$149.00 - MaleEdge Basic
$174.99 - MaleEdge Extra
$199.99 - MaleEdge Pro
365 days
Penimaster Pro30/180 days€192.25 - Chrome
€291 - PRO Basic
€264 - PRO Rod Extender
€239 - PRO Belt Expande
30 days

How to Use Extenders Properly?

All the above extenders operate based on a similar principle. The same is true about the ways of attaching the device. Quick Extender Pro does not have additional fixing straps; instead, it’s fitted with two rings that support the penis. Both X4 Labs and Male Edge are attached to the penis with special straps; their number depends on the particular model.

The universal device Penimaster Pro is equipped with not only a fixing strap but also a vacuum tip into which the penis head is inserted. This boosts the extender’s effectiveness and speeds up the favorable impact.

Quick Note
Regardless of the type of device and model, all extenders stretch the penis using the metal rods on both sides of the penis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most popular questions and answers found on the Internet regarding extending devices.

What’s the required duration of use of an extender?

As a rule, to obtain a positive result from wearing the extender, the user has to undergo a full course of treatment that lasts from 6 to 8 months. The required duration of daily wear is from 8 to 12 hours. It’s not recommended to use the extender at night, as your sensitivity and awareness is significantly reduced at this time of the day. In turn, this can result in sprains on the surface of the penis.

What are the possible adverse side effects?

Provided that you use the extender properly, the probability of negative reactions is very close to zero. If the user has contraindications or attaches the device incorrectly, it may result in the appearance of hematomas, sprains, and cracks on the skin of the penis.

What’s the expert opinion on extending devices?

Of course, all the above devices have repeatedly undergone clinical and laboratory tests.

Most modern extenders are often prescribed by urologists as a means of eliminating ED, enlarging the parameters of the reproductive organ and correcting the penile curvature.

Extenders are popular in modern medicine; these devices have helped millions of male patients to overcome common intimate issues.

What results can I expect from using an extender?

The curvature of the penis is corrected by up to 80-99%. With that, the penis size is magnified by 15-25%.

Criteria for Selecting an Extender

Below are the main criteria upon which you should rely when choosing the most effective and safe extender:

  • Always pay attention to the materials from which the extender is manufactured. Only medical plastics and high-quality metal can guarantee no adverse effects upon contact with the surface of the penis;
  • The presence of certificates of safety and quality is crucial in the process of choosing and buying an extender. As a rule, such documents are granted upon completion of clinical studies; therefore, the device is guaranteed to produce an effective and safe impact on the intimate life;
  • Doctors’ recommendations are another guarantee of effectiveness and safety. Look for feedback from medical experts on thematic forums, medical blogs, and official manufacturers’ websites;
  • Every respected manufacturer is obliged to provide guarantees to the customer regarding the high quality and effectiveness of the device;
  • Contact information on the manufacturer’s website (the address of the central office, phone number, e-mail, etc.). This info allows the customer to establish communication with the seller quickly.
 According to many experts and users, the most high-quality and fast-acting extender is Quick Extender Pro. The main characteristics of this model are the top-grade materials, original design, a comprehensive approach to solving intimate issues, as well as ease of use .

Using an Extender for Correcting the Penile Curvature

For effective and safe straightening of the penis, you should wear the extender daily for 6 to 8 months. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions carefully. The duration of daily wear should exceed 6 hours.

Quick Note
When purchasing an extender, it is recommended that you don’t put off buying the additional parts and accessories.

As a rule, you can order the necessary spare parts on the manufacturer’s official website. However, some advanced packages already include a kit of spare parts you might need in the future. It’s important to pay attention to this detail, as some components of the extending device may wear out quickly during its daily use. By purchasing the extender and the spare elements within one order, you save on shipping charges.

What’s the Best Way of Purchasing Extenders?

Transactions between the manufacturer and the buyer, with no intermediaries, boast of the highest degree of security. Consequently, it’s highly recommended that you purchase the product only from the manufacturer’s official website. This will be the main guarantee of the extender’s quality and safety. In their online stores, manufacturers frequently offer promotions and discounts. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of those and save a portion of your budget.

If you’re tired of dealing with the penile curvature issue with the help of ineffective medicines and injections, consider giving a try to extending devices. Safely using the force of traction, they are capable of correcting the curvature, enlarging the parameters of the reproductive organ, and freeing the man from the ED symptoms. The doctors’ recommendations and quality certificates are the main confirmation of the high efficiency and safety of these devices.


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