Best Penis Extender, that Gently Improves Penis Size(Length/Girth)

Many modern men regularly experience physical and psychological discomfort caused by the small parameters of the reproductive organ. Sexologists and urologists argue that the small penis issue can entail a range of other problems and disorders, mainly erectile dysfunction (ED).

The symptoms of this sexual disorder include:

  • Weak erections
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Diminished potency
  • Lack of sexual energy and fulfilling orgasms
  • With a significant libido drop on top of all that

Along with these problems, the man experiences psychoemotional disorders, which negatively affect his self-esteem. The small penis size prevents him from being confident in his sexual strength and vigor. This can serve as a background for nervous breakdowns and depression.

Brief statistics:
According to medical statistics, about 35% of men face a small penis problem.

With that, each member of the sterner sex has his idea of the perfect size parameters. Some consider 14 cm to be the norm, while others believe 20 cm is the ideal length the man needs to satisfy his own and his partner’s desires fully.

Overview of the Best Penis Extender Called Phallosan Forte

The main purpose of extenders is to stretch the penis, thereby magnifying its size and correcting the penile curvature. Also, most men notice significant improvements in the sexual functioning of their bodies.

As of today, a highly popular extender is the innovative Phallosan Forte. It’s a modern device that functions as both an expander and a vacuum pump. The product was developed in Germany back in 2001, but its popularity continues to gain momentum among male patients in all countries of the world.

Regarding design, Phallosan Forte consists of the following elements:

  • A suction ball that ensures a vacuum.
  • A suction bell with a built-in reusable condom.
  • An adjusting strap made of an elastic material; it’s attached to the suction ball.
  • A clamp for the user to adjusts the tension force.
  • A protective cap is located near the glans penis. This component prevents mechanical damage and excessive stretching of the penis.

The advantages of using the Phallosan Forte extender lies in its universal applicability, which allows you to wear the device both during the daytime and at night. The compact extender is almost unnoticeable under clothing and causes no discomfort during use.

Quick Note
If you’re going to purchase this device, the primary recommendation is to order an additional reusable condom, as this component needs to be replaced regularly due to wear and deformation.

The results obtained from wearing the extender preserve for 6-48 months.

This penis enlargement device is made from high-quality and environmentally friendly medical materials that are not capable of harming men’s sexual health. The negligible number of contraindications expands the potential consumer audience. Using the penis stretcher properly, you won’t face any adverse side effects. Phallosan Forte comes at an affordable and reasonable price that is fully justified by the final result.

How does Top Penis Extender Work?

All existing extending devices operate by the same principle. A positive result is achieved due to the traction force generated in the process of stretching the penis. The stretching occurs using adjustable metal rods or a special tensile belt (in Phallosan Forte).

The traction enhances blood circulation in the penis, which stretches the cellular tissues of the penis. In turn, this leads to gradual enlargement of the penis.

Let’s outline the main results obtainable from regular use of an expander:

  • A longer and more voluminous penis. Its size is magnified by 15-25%. The outcome depends on the physiological characteristics of the man’s body and the proper use of the device.
  • Many men are concerned about penile curvature, which is called Peyronie’s disease in the scientific context. Curvature can be either congenital or acquired. Straightening the penis also magnifies its size.
  • Normalized sexual functioning. The man starts to lead an active and zestful sex life. His erections become longer-lasting and more powerful. The sex act itself lasts up to 5 times longer. The man also begins to experience a variety of new pleasant sensations during sex and orgasm.
  • Fulfilling sexual life gives the man a confidence boost. He is less likely to experience stress, nervous breakdowns, and depression. His mood improves; he rediscovers an interest in life and the surrounding world.

Why Do Men Opt For Quality Penis Extenders?

Popular penis stretchers are not the only way to magnify the penis parameters and normalize sexual function. Other common methods include nutritional supplements, penis pumping, as well as special physical exercises.

Did You Know?
The range of techniques is broad and varied, but extenders remain the most popular option due to their safety and the negligible number of contraindications.

The results obtained by using a penis extender preserve for a long period. Moreover, the action of such a device is aimed at completely eradicating the issue rather than concealing it. Adverse side effects can occur only if you fail to use the extender properly. Therefore, pay due attention to the instructions and manuals and watch video tutorials, which will help you understand how to attach the device correctly.

How to Use a Penis Enlargement Device?

Regardless of its type and design, the extending device is attached to the penis to ensure its stretching and improve blood circulation.  Most extenders are not intended to be used at night (except for Phallosan Forte).  When you are asleep, the sensitivity of your body is greatly reduced, due to which there is a risk of injury and mechanical damage to the penis.

Modern devices are compact and almost invisible under clothing. You can wear the extender while going to work or the movie theater, while on vacation or a trip.

Penis Extender Guide
You should wear the device daily for 6-12 hours. At the beginning of the course of treatment, start with the minimum number of hours. Then gradually increase the duration of daily wear. For example, 6-8 hours will suffice during the first two months. Starting from the third month, prolong it by 1 hour every 30 days.

A full course of treatment takes 6-8 months. The final result depends on the physiological characteristics of your body, the specific extender model, as well as your compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

How Does A Penis Stretcher Help Correct Penile Curvature?

The answer to this question is quite simple. The traction can straighten the congenital or acquired curvature of the penis. If applied regularly, it stretches and eventually eliminates the plaques that cause the curvature.

The stretching is painless and quite effective. After using the extender for 6-8 months, you’ll see no trace of the bend. Moreover, since the extender is a patented medical device, it gets you rid of Peyronie’s disease once and for all in 90% of cases.

Top 5 Penis Extenders of 2019
NameSuccess rateFirst/max resultsPrice
Quick Extender Pro95%14/180 days$119.93
X4Labs95%30/180 days$74.99
Phallosan Forte94%7/180 days$339.00
Jes Extender92%30/365 days$209.99
SizeGenetics92%30/180 days$199.95
Penimaster Pro91%30/180 days€192.25
ProExtender89%30/180 days$299.95
Male Edge87%30/180 days$149.00

Below is a list of several extending devices that presently enjoy the highest popularity among consumers.

The Best Penis Extender today: Quick Extender Pro

It is a modern compact device with a patented formula of action. Its safety and effectiveness have been tested repeatedly in clinics and laboratories. According to the manufacturer, the patient will not experience any adverse side effects.

The tool is promoted as the most effective device for enlarging the penis parameters, correcting penile curvature, and normalizing the sexual functioning of the male body. The stretching process is completely painless.


X4Labs is a multifunctional device that comes in several versions with different configurations. This versatile product stretches the penis due to its firm fixation with straps and the adjustable metal rods.

The penis extender is manufactured from practical, durable, high-quality materials that won’t cause irritations and allergic reactions.

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a versatile extending device that combines the effects of an extender and a penis pump. The vacuum tip improves the blood flow to the penis, while the special belt provides for effective stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis.

The device is safe; the user can wear it not only during the day but at night as well.

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is an expensive model with a metal surface coated with precious metals. The device is exceptional regarding quality, practicality, and safety, as a result of which the product has retained high popularity for 23 years.

 Worth noting, you should select a suitable model of this extender depending on the current size parameters of your penis .


SizeGenetics is a modern compact stretcher distinguished by its excellent quality, affordable price, and ease of use. The patient will not experience any unpleasant, uncomfortable or painful sensations.

To date, there are a total of five versions of this extender, which differ by price and configuration.

Penimaster Pro

Penimaster Pro is a contemporary extending product. Its distinctive feature is the unique vacuum-adhesive type of attaching the device to the head of the penis, which ensures a firmer fixation. Consequently, this feature enables the extender to impact the penis size issue more effectively and safely.

The universal size of the device makes it suitable for use by men with different parameters of the penis. The recommended duration of daily wear is 4-8 hours, which is significantly less than the recommendations for other similar devices.


ProExtender is an extending device that ensures a soft and safe impact of the traction force.

The extender was developed by a leading medical specialist from Denmark, who has spent many years researching the available methods of stimulating penis growth. The reasonable pricing of the extender ensured its high popularity in all regions of the world.

Male Edge

Male Edge is another ergonomic penis extending unit that comes in three different versions. Each of the available kits is based on the same model of the device. However, the more expensive packages include a range of spare parts and components. This product is effective at correcting penile curvature and enlarging the penis, as well as normalizing the intimate functioning of the male body.

No Adverse Side Effects

Every potential user is concerned about whether extenders are safe and effective to use. All the patented and clinically tested devices are 100% safe and incapable of harming men’s intimate health. Worth emphasizing, it’s crucial to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations stated in the instructions.

Spare Parts for Popular Extender’s Models

Depending on the specific model of the expander, the user can purchase spare and additional parts separately. As a rule, these are fixing straps and rings, stretching rods, reusable condoms, etc.

The penis traction method works, as evidenced by the plethora of positive user reviews and the recommendations by leading medical experts. You can familiarize yourself with this information on the manufacturers’ official websites and thematic forums.


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