Best Breast Enlargement Creams: True Facts, Actual Results and Expert Advice

The perfect bust without surgeons: a review of effective products for enlarging and rejuvenating the female breast

Thrilling roundness and pleasant elasticity of the chest can excite millions of men, but what about those girls and women whose bust is far from the ideal and standard of attractiveness?

Since the end of the XIX century, surgeons began to make active attempts to help the weaker sex solve the problems of a small or aging breast. But even today, surgery does not provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on the result of an operation and its safety. Is there really no way out?

1) The problem of a small breast: facts, studies, statistics (also link to the article to know where the facts come from if these are medical sites)

Small Breast Problems: From Complexes to Depression

According to a study by The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS) conducted by British scientists, 47.5% of women would like to have breast enlargement .

At the same time, most of the female population of reproductive age, who would like to have a larger breast, are single women. This is due to the preferences of men. No matter how marketers imposed the beauty of XXS size, men, having seen the treasured hollow in the neckline, stop, dive into it with their eyes and turn their heads.

The first complexes in girls about breast sizes begin in adolescence. When, over the years, a developed girlfriend with curvaceous forms already enjoys active attention from the opposite sex, and a friend of the less gifted nature has to go to different tricks in order to somehow draw attention to herself. At what everything is used: cotton wool, foam rubber, fabric and push-up bras .

And the problem does not go away by itself. Moreover, age, the pursuit of thinness and excessive enthusiasm for fitness also do not contribute to the splendor of the bust.

2) Surgical augmentation – risks

Surgical help or a game with fire?

The first thing a woman who is unhappy with the size of her breasts draws attention to is surgery. Advertising of this method begins to haunt right away. It is only necessary to enter the query into the search line once. The Internet is full of photos of happy owners of breast implants. It would seem that more is needed. To forget about the problem once and for all?

But even if we discard the relatively high cost of breast augmentation surgery, this method has enough disadvantages:

  • The duration of the recovery process – the operation involves not only incisions in the skin, but also a violation of the integrity of the adipose and glandular tissues, in some cases the implant is placed under the fibers of the pectoral muscle, so recovery after surgery depends on the characteristics of the body, but on average lasts from 4 to 6 months and requires not only wearing special underwear but also taking medications that stimulate regeneration processes;
  • A high risk of adverse reactions that will require a second intervention – no surgeon can guarantee that after the operation you will see the limit of your dreams in the mirror. Most often, skew, asymmetry in the shape or location of the nipple, rupture of the implant. Such deficiencies require corrective operations;
  • Nipple sensation and touch pain — 75 percent of the women surveyed during the Persistent pain and sensory changes following cosmetic breast augmentation study in 2011 experienced changes in sensitivity after surgery, while 62 percent had pain from touch;
  • The life of the implants is from 10 to 20 years – the structure of the implant is such that the effect of ” sweating “, that is, the constant infiltration of the filler into the cavity of the mammary gland. Therefore, even innovative implants must be replaced.

It should also be noted that breast augmentation surgery, like any surgical intervention, has a certain number of contraindications: age, the presence of chronic diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, endocrine disruption, renal and heart failure, HIV, hepatitis, AIDS. Therefore, for a significant part of women, it remains inaccessible and, you must admit, a rather dubious pleasure.

3) Natural creams – how they work on the example of Naturaful, Total Curve

Panacea by nature: creams based on phytohormones

What remains for women who want to increase breasts?

Achievements of modern pharmacology, which is engaged in the development of breast enlargement supplements. This direction combines the experience of analytical chemistry, microbiology and herbal medicine. The active components of such drugs are not artificially synthesized substances that are alien to the human body, but natural components – plant extracts, plant amino acids, and vitamin complexes.

As for creams for breast enlargement, they are based either on plant hormones, which are analogs of female sex hormones – estrogen, estradiol, progesterone, or extracts that activate their production in the female body.

Features of the female breast, the basis of which is fatty and glandular tissue, is that it cannot be increased by physical activity, pumped up or raised. Its shape and degree of elasticity depending on the quality and quantity of fat with which it is filled. Therefore, the shape and appearance of the female breast are mainly influenced by the level of sex hormones.

For example, Total Curve, a complex for breast enlargement, contains fennel seed extract, which is an analog of estrogen and is able to stimulate the production of cells of the adipose and glandular tissues of the mammary gland, which allows its volume to be increased in a short time.

The composition of Naturaful cream includes wild yam extract, which stimulates the production of female sex hormones, the increase in blood levels of which will allow you to get the effect of breast enlargement.

At the same time, you should not worry that taking hormones is a bunch of side effects in the form of edema and weight gain, which are often observed in women taking hormonal contraceptives or hormones containing medications.

Unlike medicines, biologically active preparations, creams, and gels do not contain artificially synthesized substances and peeled plant extracts used in oriental medicine since ancient times are taken as a basis.

4) Overview of the best creams Total Curve, Naturaful, Brestrogen (principle of action, ingredients, results)

Rating of the best breast enlargement pills: a review of popular products

The market for breast enlargement creams is quite saturated with various means. Many of them are low-quality drugs and even hazardous to health. We present to your attention those who took place in the top three in terms of efficiency and reliability of the result.

Total Curve – a comprehensive solution to the issue

The Total Curve brand represents a system for breast augmentation, which includes tablets and cream. She effectively fights the problem of reducing fatty tissue in the breast and guarantees an increase in bust from 6 to 8.4% for 56 days of the course.

As active substances, the system takes as a basis plant extracts that are analogs of female sex hormones – fennel seeds – to normalize the level of sex hormones in the blood, as well as extracts that stimulate their production by the body – wild yam, spreading turner.

To absorb bioactive substances and anti-aging effect, the composition of the cream and tablets includes extracts of buckwheat leaves and watercress. Not containing synthetic components, the cream is not only perfectly absorbed but also does not cause problems with weight fluctuations and fluid retention in the body. To achieve the fastest effect, it is necessary to rub the cream 2 times a day, morning and evening, applying a small amount to the chest.

Naturaful – the power of a magnet

A breast enlargement cream from the American manufacturer of bioactive drugs. Effectively fights not only with small breast size, but also with negative age-related changes and the consequences of breastfeeding: dryness, wrinkles, stretch marks, ptosis.

The manufacturer guarantees an increase in bust by 3 sizes at the end of the course. The cream contains an extract of a plant that stimulates the production of estradiol – wild yams and angelica officinalis as a source of phellandrene and xanthotoxin, which activate the active division of cells of the fatty and glandular masses of the breast.

As a tonic ingredient, thistle extract, an antioxidant that fights age-related changes, is added to the composition. For better absorption of active substances by the body and their better adhesion, special magnetic pads are used together with the cream.

Brestrogen breast enlargement gel

Brestrogen Breast Enlarger and Rejuvenator is a topical gel. Its advantage over creams is better adhesion, which is associated with a lighter texture of the drug. The active hormone-containing substance is the extract of Pueraria Mirifica .

It is a plant-based analog of the female hormone estrogen, which stimulates the processes of lipogenesis in the mammary gland. To improve metabolic processes and activate regenerative processes, tocopherol (vitamin E) is also included.

5) Pills or creams? Best Together – Total Curve

An integrated approach – a reliable solution to the problem

In addition to bio- creams for breast augmentation, manufacturers offer tablet or capsule preparations, as well as complex systems, including both cream or gel, and tablets or capsules with micro granules of bioactive substances.

If you familiarize yourself with the composition of such bio-additives, they will turn out to be absolutely identical. Therefore, the question arises: is it possible to replace one with the other, and do they have flaws?

As for replacing the cream with tablets, you can answer as follows, considering it with the example of the Total Curve system , which includes both forms of dietary supplements, but with the same set of ingredients:

  • regular administration of the drug ensures the reliability and responsiveness of the result;
  • To apply the cream, you need to carry out a number of procedures: take a shower, massage your chest, rubbing cream – this takes time, which is sometimes not enough;
  • taking the tablet form ensures the timely receipt of the same substances, but it takes much less time;
  • the simultaneous use of these two forms is the key to a fairly rapid manifestation of changes in the volume and appearance of the breast.

In addition, applying the breast enhancement cream is also a massage that restores blood circulation and enhances the action of active substances. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing a positive result as soon as possible, it is better to combine both therapeutic forms: cream and tablets.

6) Sagging breasts after feeding, with age, weight loss. How can creams help?

Age-related changes in the female breast

No matter how hard women try to preserve their charms, not only age affects them. Unfortunately, one of the main female joys – motherhood, also does not contribute to the flowering and splendor of the female bust.

Only during pregnancy can the breast grow and become more elastic, since it is affected by progesterone and estrogen, which are responsible for preparing the body for gestation and childbirth.

But after childbirth, everything will not only come back, but will also become much worse, since the glandular tissue after breastfeeding is substantially reduced. And since it sometimes completely replaces fatty tissue during feeding, a pathology such as a mastocytosis can develop.

This condition of the female breast is characterized by its sagging, sagging, the appearance of stretch marks.

In addition, ptosis can develop due to excessive enthusiasm for low-calorie diets. With a lack of calories, fatty tissue also decreases, which accordingly affects negatively the appearance of the bust and its elasticity.

Using a cream for breast enlargement during a diet and immediately after breastfeeding is 100% prevents the risk of ptosis. This is achieved by normalizing the level of female sex hormones in the blood, affecting the production of fat and glandular cells in the tissues of the mammary gland.

7) Reviews of real customers from a third-person about creams Naturaful, Total Curve (several)

Breast enlargement cream reviews

Alice, 36 years old – found out about the drug Total Curve from a friend. Her attitude to the cream changed from complete distrust to enthusiasm for the result. This is due to the fact. That a woman from adolescence wore a cup A of a bra, but a week after the start of using the cream, she needed a bra one size larger.

Helen, 42 years old, acquired the gel on the advice of her gynecologist, because after the last breastfeeding, her bust not only decreased, but also the problem of ptosis appeared. After two weeks of use, the bra that the woman usually wore became cramped, and at the end of the third week she changed cup B to cup C.

Elizabeth, 21 years old – a girl by profession a fitness trainer, and constant physical activity negatively affected the condition of her breasts. I saw an advertisement for the drug on the Internet.

And, since she only chose plastic or cream, she opted for Total Curve , since it is easier for her to apply the breast enhancement cream in the morning and in the evening than to risk her health and career, having resorted to the help of surgeons. The girl changed her cup of bra to AA at the end of the first year. For her, the course of Total Curve has become an opportunity to again feel feminine.

Violet , 29 years old – the girl had problems with the volume and shape of the breast after a sharp weight loss. She lost weight from 90 to 50 kg, but this negatively affected the condition of her bust. It became not only smaller by 3 sizes, but also significantly sagged. Using Naturaful’s cream and magnetic pads helped restore her breasts’ sex appeal, which the girl’s husband was glad about.

Ashley , 51 years old – the onset of menopause in a woman was accompanied by external changes in the bust – her breasts sagged and no longer pleased either the woman herself or her husband. On the advice of the therapist, the woman acquired Naturaful Cream . Her distrust of bioactive additives finally disappeared when her husband became more sexually active with her and had to change her bra collection from cup B to cup D.

8) How to choose the right product? Avoid unknown products on Amazon and other sites.

3 tips on how to choose the best breast enlarging

Since the market is oversaturated with advertising and various drugs promising to increase the female breast, then when choosing an effective tool, be guided by the following simple tips:

  • it’s not worth saving – a high-quality preparation cannot be cheap, because its manufacture requires not only equipment for extracts, but also payment for testing and clinical trials to confirm efficacy and safety;
  • choosing an expensive drug – beware of fakes. The high cost causes scammers to make money on selling fakes. To prevent the acquisition of a drug of dubious quality – do not purchase it from little-known companies;
  • make a purchase on the official sites of the drug – do not look for the cream on sites such as Amazon, since there is a great risk of acquiring a Chinese fake.

9) Why is the appearance of the breast and its size so important for women?

Gorgeous bust rules the world: why the appearance of the neckline is so important for a woman

The French writer Anatole France once wrote: “How many men who have lost their heads due to a magnificent bust marry everything else.” And such behavior is characteristic of men of any nationality and religion.

The full realization of a woman is impossible without the participation of men. She needs to successfully marry, become a loving wife and a good mother. In order to attract a successful and attractive man, she needs to be sexually attractive. A large female breast for a man, according to the Permanent breast enlargement in human females: a sociobiological analysis study is not only a sign of attractiveness but also a signal that this woman is the best choice for procreation and the birth of healthy offspring.

Also, a woman will sooner or later want to realize herself professionally. But since most of the leading posts are held by men, here, without having an attractive appearance, it will be much more difficult to break through to the top. After all, 47% of men when meeting a girl primarily pay attention to the breast.

10) Why is surgery cream preferred?

Surgery or pharmacology: what are the benefits of creams

The main advantage of the cream is a quick result and the absence of pain.

Surgery for breast enlargement will not just affect tissue. The surgeon needs to make a skin incision, in some cases more than one, which will damage the nerve endings. And if during the operation it will be imperceptible, then in the recovery process you will have to take potent anesthetics to dull the pain.

In some cases, phantom pains remain even after the removal of the implants. Therefore, mammoplasty is an extreme load on the body, which is also associated with a risk to life.

The first visual results of applying the cream can be observed at the end of the first week. When using the cream there is no need to visit a doctor. To undergo examination and go to the clinic for a long period of rehabilitation. A woman can, without changing her habits and lifestyle, significantly improve her attractiveness with cream for breast augmentation.

Also, breast surgery is unacceptable for girls. Who is just planning to become a mother? This is due to the study that the presence of an implant can cause a disruption in the production and release of breast milk. Unlike mammoplasty, girls can use breast enlargement cream at any age, regardless of whether they have children or are only planned in the future.

11) Frequently asked questions (how long to wait for the result, what the medicine says, side effects, how to use)

All that is most worrying: topical questions about creams for breast enlargement

How long to wait for the result

The first visual results are noticeable already at the end of the first week of the course. The final result of increasing the bust by 2-3 sizes will be at the end of the 56-60 day course.

The effectiveness of creams for breast enlargement in terms of medicine

Doctors are unanimous in their opinion. That the human hormone progesterone is responsible for the growth of the female breast. Creams containing its plant-based analogs or components that stimulate the production of it by the body can affect breast size without the occurrence of side effects.

Are there any side effects

Despite the fact that the cream contains phytohormones, its use to increase the bust is absolutely harmless, unlike treatment with drugs containing hormones. This is due to the fact that the cream uses vegetable analogs that are absorbed by the body and are close in structure to it.

Artificially synthesized hormones contained in pharmaceutical preparations cause side effects since their structure is significantly different from those produced by the human body and plants.

How to use breast enhancement creams?

Cream for breast augmentation is used for 56-60 days, rubbing a small amount twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. Apply the drug to the chest with gentle massaging movements, which must be repeated until the entire dose of the drug is completely absorbed.

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