Best Penis Extender, that increases penis size by 3 inches(RESULTS)!

Phallosan Forte is one of the better penis extenders you can find on the market, featuring a very nice design and providing good comfort for enlarging the penis.

This is the best penis extender, that is manufactured by a reputable German company which is known for producing quality and durable products.

Phallosan Forte is a device that is primarily used by men that look to enlarge penis and solve certain men-related problems such as Peyronie’s disease, which relates to the curvature of the penis. Also, it is claimed that this device can help those men that have undergone prostate surgeries.

Best Penis Extender Results

Manufacturers claim that with Phallosan Forte is the best penis extender, that solves numerous problems including straightening up the curvature of your penis, improving its overall function and treating erectile dysfunction.

Regarding how Phallosan Forte works, the science behind it is elementary. Just like with other penis extenders, force is applied to the penis muscles to be stretched. Consistent stretching will lead to more significant reproduction of skin cells, and that will eventually lead to penis enlargement.

Pulling is a simple but proven and effective method for increasing penis size, so with the help of the best penis extender, you can easily achieve what you have always wanted – bigger and thicker penis. In this review we have described its benefits, side effects and before and after results.


Does Penis Extender Work?

Regarding the results you can expect from using this penis extender, you should know that they are different from one man to another.

Quick note
However, it is claimed that you should enlarge your penis by a couple of inches within six months of everyday use.

The erection should also improve significantly within the first two to three months, and the girth gain should be about two inches within the first three months since starting to wear Phallosan Forte. It may seem like a long period for some men, but the good thing is that this penis extender is safe and comfortable to wear at all times.

You can wear it up to twelve hours every day without your glands being damaged or harmed in any way. You can also wear it during your sleep if that is what you prefer.

How to a Penis Extender


It is advised for the beginners to use the three-way valve in case they feel some discomfort when wearing the device. The level of pressure applied can be easily controlled by the so-called tension clip.

Phallosan Forte also uses a belt system which some men may think it would be uncomfortable to wear for an extended period. However, the belt system is comfortable and gentle, so you can rest assured that you will not feel any discomfort at all.

Phallosan Forte is a product that does not come with negative side effects, but it is advised you start slowly applying bigger pressure after some period of adjustment to the device. Otherwise, some mild forms of redness and swelling may appear, but that is rare.

Everything should be fine if you correctly follow the instructions that come with the package.

When it comes to the package, Phallosan Forte comes with several pieces inside:

  • There is an elastic belt;
  • Three-way valve suction ball;
  • Protector cap that protects your penis from swelling and irritation;
  • Suction bells in different sizes;
  • Sleeves for the suction bells;
  • Tension clip.

Final Penis Extender Review

In conclusion, Phallosan Forte is a quality and durable penis extender that should make your penis bigger and erections stronger with consistent use.

Penis traction: popular penis stretching method

Every man, consciously or unconsciously, dreams that his penis became several centimeters larger in size and length. This will help him become more confident in his sexual capacities. However, most men do not understand how to stimulate penis enlargement. Today there are a huge number of methods that can safely, simply, effectively and painlessly increase the size of the penis.

One of the most effective and safe methods of stimulating the enlargement of the penis is the use of penis traction technology. The essence of this method lies in stretching the flesh and cavernous tissues of the penis under the influence of traction force. To achieve this effect, the user needs an additional device – an extender. It stimulates the blood flow to the penis, which contributes to the expansion of cavernous tissue, and as a consequence, the penis size enlarges up to 25%.

Penis Extenders vs. Other Penis enlargement products

Modern specialists in the field of medicine have created a huge number of methods that stimulate the penis enlargement, thereby making it larger by several sizes. Many experts recommend their patients to perform a special set of Kegel exercises. Other doctors, opt for the prescribing of special nutritional supplements. Besides, there is another effective method for stimulating the enlargement of the penis, which involves using a special vacuum or water pump.

Despite such a wide abundance of ways to increase the size of the penis, most leading experts strongly recommend using the penis traction method, which will effectively and quickly solve the current sexual problem of every man. Let’s note a number of advantages that distinguish the technology of penis traction among the mass of other methods:

  1. High-efficiency level;
  2. Safe impact on the problem;
  3. The technology of penis traction is the official way to stimulate the enlargement of the penis, which has been used in modern medicine for 10 years;
  4. The effect of stretching lasts for a long period of time, and the duration ranges from 6 to 24 months;
  5. Certified devices are made of high-quality, durable and hypoallergenic materials that do not cause allergies and irritations on the skin surface;
  6. A relatively simple way to stimulate the enlargement of the penis, which has the minimum number of contraindications.

The effectiveness of the extender is manifested not only in increasing the size of the penis. The use of the extender has a positive effect on the sexual capabilities of the male body.

All symptoms of erectile dysfunction are eliminated. An erection becomes powerful and long-lasting, which allows you to double the duration of sex. A man no longer feels discomfort from premature ejaculation. The body is saturated with vital energy and sexual power. Due to this endurance increases at the time of sex.

The Best Penis Extenders, that Work

In today’s market, there are a huge number of extenders, the impact of which is aimed at increasing the size of the penis, fixing its curvature, as well as eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Let’s consider a collection of models that are most popular among consumers:

  1. X4 Labs is a comfortable and ergonomic device, characterized by two fixing rings and belts. This ensures the highest level of safety and reliability in the process of wearing the extender. Specialists appreciated the high quality of the assembly and all working elements, which ensures the efficient and safe use of the extender. Today, the X4 Labs collection consists of 6 packages that are diverse in their configuration and price. They are all actively used by modern consumers. X4 Labs is a certified product that has helped millions of men around the world get rid of the curvature of the penis, as well as increase its size by 3 – 5 cm.
  2. Male Edge. A distinctive feature of this extender is its ergonomic design and low cost. Extender comes in a convenient bag-case, which is securely closed with a zipper. In total, the Male Edge collection has three models that differ in color and the number of spare elements. The design of the extender consists of two metal rods and one, two or three locking rings and belts. The device impact is aimed at stimulating the enlargement of the penis by activating blood flow to cavernous tissues. It is also an effective way to combat Peyronie’s disease.
  3. Penimaster Pro is one of the few devices that has a double effect due to the features of its design. In addition to the extending rods, a vacuum tip is located at the end of the extender, which enhances the effective impact of the device. The universal size of the device does not require to choose an individual kit. The manufacturer claims that the result obtained in the process of using Penimaster Pro is maintained for life.
  4. Quick Extender Pro is an affordable device that has the most compact. This feature allows patients to wear the unit not only at home but also when going to work, on a journey or on vacation. Extender completely invisible under clothing. The device does not cause pain and discomfort. The effect of using the device becomes noticeable after only 30 – 60 days.
  5. SizeGenetics is a globally popular extender system that comes in several kits, differing in the number of items and cost. The extender is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as well as stimulating the enlargement of the penis.

Distinctive features of all the above devices are their design, type of working elements, size, and cost. However, the end result that the patient gets in the process of using the extender is the same for all models.

Popular Questions

In the process of choosing and buying an extender, a lot of questions arise. The answers to the top question are given below.

How much time to wait for a positive result?

In order to see the first positive result from the use of any of the proposed extenders, a minimum of 30 days must pass. During the first 30 days, all physiological mechanisms are launched that are aimed at stimulating the enlargement of the penis. To obtain the maximum result from using the extender, the patient must undergo a full course of treatment, the duration of which is 6-8 months. The duration of the course may vary slightly due to the physiological features of the male body, as well as the duration of the daily wearing of the extender.

How much time per day should I wear a penis enlargement device?

The daily rate of wearing the extender depends on the specific model and may be in the range of 5 to 10 hours.

Is the penis traction device noticeable under clothing?

Modern extender designs are compact and ergonomic. Models of small size are almost invisible under clothes. The device does not prevent from comfortable movement even in case of prolonged wear.

Is it safe to use the penis stretcher?

Before using an extender, a man should learn in detail the contents of the instructions, check the correctness of fixing the extender, as well as contraindications to the use of the device. If there are no contraindications to wearing the extender, then the device impact is completely safe for men’s health.

Side Effects from Wearing an Extender

In case of improper fixation of the extender, stretching, hematomas and even bruises may appear on the surface of the penis. If you began to experience unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful sensations, you should immediately remove the extender and fix it again.

How to choose the extender?

When buying the best penis extender, first of all, pay attention to product certification. Only a certified product indicates that the effectiveness and safety of the device have been tested in clinical and laboratory studies.

Every manufacturer respecting themselves and their customers must provide a warranty for their product. The warranty is a guarantee that if you won’t obtain positive dynamics in the process of using the device, the manufacturer undertakes to return the money to the customer.

The safe impact of the extender depends on the quality of the materials from which the device is made, as well as the reliability of the working element assembly. Customer reviews are an important aspect that should influence the final choice. Consumer comments can be found on the official website of the manufacturer and thematic men’s or medical forums.

Doctor’s recommendations are an important criterion that confirms the quality, safety, and efficiency of the device. The competent opinion of relevant specialists regarding certain extender model should also influence the consumer choice.

How to use the best penis extender

The use of an extender is a long course of treatment, the duration of which depends on the specific model and physiological features of the man’s body. On average, the usage rate is from 5 to 8 months. The daily duration of wearing the extender is from 5 to 10 hours. At the same time, the extender can be worn only in the daytime when the body’s sensitivity is high enough. At night, the sensitivity index decreases, and this may adversely affect the effectiveness and safety of the impact of the extender.

User Manual

Before fixing the device on the surface of the penis, the user must thoroughly wash the penis, then wipe dry. It is necessary to wear an extender, focusing on the design features of the device. Typically, you should put the penis into the ring at the base of the device. Then fix the penis with special straps or rings. Before using a particular model, learn the manufacturer’s instructions, which detail all the steps for proper use.

If you want to become a confident man who knows how to behave in bed with a woman, you need to think about improving the quality of your sexual capabilities, as well as increasing the size of the penis. Modern extenders are safe and effective devices that are universal in impact type.


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