Why is penis size so important in your sexual life?

The size of the penis dramatically affects a man’s self-esteem and his confidence in his sexual capacities. A large penis allows affecting not only the vaginal walls during sex but also the cervix, which is considered one of the most erogenous areas in woman body. Besides, it does not slip out during sex, even when the frictions have a maximum amplitude.

In girls, a giant penis associated with restraint, masculinity, strength, and male energy. If the penis is longer and thicker than the standard, the woman is much more excited and quickly achieves orgasm.

A small penis size often causes the psychological discomfort and even the development of an inferiority complex. That’s why men who have a penis less than 14 cm in the aroused state should think about enlarging it.

The most effective method of increasing the size of the male penis is the use of a hydro penis enlargement pump. The first noticeable results appear after 3-4 days of regular application of the Bathmate device. The functions of the hydro pump also include the treatment of trouble getting it up.

Do water penis pumps work?

The best hydro penis pump is a transparent pressure chamber in which the user put his penis. Inside the chamber, a pressure created, as a result of which the blood flows to the penis, and the man has an erection. The oxygenated blood enters the tissues, increasing their tension. The difference in pressures leads to the awakening of many formerly functioning capillaries.

The pump also acts on peripheral lymph and blood circulation. Simultaneously, penile vessels and nerve receptors of the skin are irritated, impulses enter the brain and spinal cord, facilitating the restructuring of the centers of erection and ejaculation triggering a CNS response.


The top rated models of hydro pumps are Bathmate and Penomet. These devices work in water, which allows creating a uniform pressure inside the cylinder. Thus ensuring a straightforward application of the pumps. Warm water warms up the penis during the entire exercise, resulting in minimizing the risk of injuries and bruises.

The Bathmate has one gaiter to create the vacuum, and the Penomet kit contains six interchangeable gaiters with different tension forces, so the user can gradually increase the load during training.

It is most convenient to use a pumping device in a bathroom or a shower. The user put some water in the chamber at the optimum temperature and gently put his penis there. Then the skin of the scrotum is moved away, the flask is turned over and pressed tightly against the pubis.

To create the optimum pressure, you need to pump out an excess liquid of the chamber. The standard procedure lasts about 15 minutes. At the same time every 5 minutes you need to take a breather and remove the pump to prevent the stagnation of blood.

How does a penis pump work?

While choosing a pump for penis enlargement, you should pay attention to its size. The device should be 30% larger than the penis in the state of maximum excitement. For example, if the length of the penis is 15 cm, it is necessary to purchase a chamber of at least 20 cm.

This principle helps to avoid pump sagging and bending of the penis during training, as well as the suction of the testicles and scrotum into the rarefied space of the device.

It is desirable that the gaiter of the device has an anatomical level, allowing you to adapt the pump to the individual structure of the genitals. The bevel on the gaiter can be turned both towards the scrotum and into the public zone because in men the location of the dorsal vein and the angle of erection differ.

The platform at the bottom of the hydro pump must be wide enough not to injure the skin and not adversely affect the dorsal arteries.


The penis device is having a pressure relief valve considered to be more convenient during use. It should have a control system and a handle-piston for pumping out water.

Do not buy models whose tanks are made of plastic, plexiglass and other cheap materials, since such devices are fragile and have a sharp, unpleasant smell. The use of these devices can lead to chemical burns or injury to the penis. It is necessary to choose high-strength non-combustible materials, which are resistant to shock, heat and withstanding repeated sterilization by steam and boiling water.

A Brief Review the best penis pumps

Bathmate Hydromax

The model is available in three versions(measure your penis size):

The case of this device is made of polycarbonate resin, characterized by high strength and durability. The flask does not darken with time and does not fade, but it does not form chips on its surface.

On the flask, there is an inch and metric measuring scale, which allows you to evaluate the results immediately.

The rubber gaiter of the device has excellent flexibility, so the skin of the penis is not compressed and does not stretch.

The design of the shut-off valve allows you to maintain the required pressure for a long time, so as not to interrupt the workout of pumping it.

The pump is designed for regular contact with hot water: its parts do not deteriorate from dampness and maintain tightness.

Bathmate Hydro7


The pump is designed for users who have a hard penis size that does not exceed 18 cm.

The simulator has a convenient ergonomic shape, allowing it to be deployed 360 degrees during use.

The gaiter of the device has a high density, so it keeps the pressure in the bulb well. At the base of the cuff is a soft removable ring, which prevents the scrotum from sucking during exercise.

Bathmate HydroXtreme

The model has a large reserve of power, and with its help, you can enlarge the penis up to 30 cm. The device is equipped not only with the gaiter but also with a hand rubber pear. On the pear, two locking valves are installed, preventing air from entering the system and outflow of water.

The hose connecting the pear with the flask is made of high-quality material, so do not fray through with daily use.

At the entrance hole of the gaiter, there is a removable soft lining providing reliable fixation of the device and a delicate contact with the skin of the genitals.


The body of the device made of polycarbonate plastic. The device comes with five interchangeable gaiters made of medical silicone. Each gaiter has its color, representing a certain level of intensity, so the user can gradually increase the pressure and improve the results of training.

Complete set with the device also includes the training program which allows to provide constant stimulation of cells and help to avoid a strain of penis tissues.

The hydro pump is available in three different packages, which include a deferent number of gaiters. The cheapest package is the standard one, which provides for only one gaiter. This bundle is suitable for beginners.

Another package presented with two gaiters, allowing to perform procedures for maximum enlargement of the genitals.

The premium package includes five replaceable gaiters, as well as a strap for fixing the device in the shower.

What Results are Expected from Pumps?

Using a water pump gives the following results:

1. Increased length and girth of the penis

During training, the genitals tissues are exposed to stress, which leads to the development of enlargement factors and the multiplication of cells to adapt to the inner structure of the penis to a new size. The enlarged membrane of the penis considerably less restricts the cavernous tissues. As a result, the penis gradually enlarges in volume.

2. Straightening of the penis

The short side of the curved penis experiences a stronger stretching than the long one. Over time, the short side is stretched by the walls of the tube, and new tissue is formed on it.

3. Boosted sex drive

Sessions lead to stretching and overflow with the blood of smooth muscles. As a result, the muscles are restored and strengthened.

4.Prolongation of sexual intercourse

Usually, premature ejaculation is associated with hypersensitivity of the penis glans. Using a pump right before sex will result in a decrease in sensitivity.

How Long to Wait for the Results?

One session with a simulator enlarges the penis by 10-15%, but this effect lasts only for several hours. To consolidate the results at the cellular level, it is necessary to train at least three times a week. In this case, permanent results achieved after three months.

However, it is not necessary to stop training completely, because exercise positively affects not only the size of the male penis but also the entire vascular system. To maintain the strength and duration of erection, it is recommended to use a hydro pump once a week.

Possible Side Effects

Improper using of the hydro pump causes side effects. If the user does not make small breaks during the session, this results in:

  • Darkening of the penis;
  • The appearance of lymphatic edema;
  • The pain throughout the penis;
  • The weakening of an erection.

The use of a pump that does not fit the size of the penis leads to an intense swelling of the organ.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Advantages of hydro pumps like Penomet include:

  • The possibility of using without lubricants, creams, and ointments;
  • Complete noiseless operation;
  • Minimizing the risk of trauma and tissue damage;
  • Absolute painlessness.

The penis easily fits into the flask of the device, not adhering to its walls, which avoids the sharp bending of the genitals.

Penis enlargement under the influence of an erection does not need to make great efforts. It is enough only to pump out the required volume of water by pressing the water pump.

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